Edmonton Local Restaurant Feature - Tang Bistro

Let's do a #throwback on one of our summer highlights (coz today is the first day of fall ! 🍂)

Our backyard picnic with the @Tangbistro summer picnic kit was definitely one of the best summer moments 🔆🎈 This picnic kit was such a feast! For $55, it comes with dumplings, Liangpi (cold stirred rice noodles), appies, a dessert and drinks!

夏天马上要结束了,赶紧发一个summer highlight吧!今年夏天,阿尔伯塔大学附近的【醉长安】推出了他们的夏日picnic套餐,55刀的套餐里面包含的食物特别丰富!有各种清爽的凉菜小吃,还有填肚子的饺子和凉皮,一个字:非常赞!除了非常受欢迎的陕西面食,醉长安还有各种串儿,能吃辣的还能让厨房来个超级辣 (XXX Spicy)。

Tang Bistro is a local restaurant near the university area in Edmonton. The owner, Tim, wanted to introduce real Xi'an foods to Edmontonians and he had a vision of creating a modern bistro with authentic Xi'an (Shaanxi, China) foods and drinks in the heart of Edmonton after graduated from the University of Alberta. So he did it!

老板 Tim 最初的创业理念就是希望把正宗的西安菜带到埃德蒙顿,让本地人也能品尝到西安美食,毕竟中餐的博大精深不能让一个ginger beef就打发了。

"Spicy chilli oil is one of the most essential components of Shaanxi food", says Tim.

Some of the most popular foods at Tang Bistro are their Liangpi, Braised beef noodle soup, Roujiamo (Chinese burger), dumplings, and BBQ lamb skewers! (of course, we love them all, with their spicy chilli oil!)


Tang Bistro is located at 8715 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2L5

Reservation or online order at www.TangBistro.ca / 587-499-9999⁠

🔗 use code TANG10 for a 10% discount on take-out orders!